Settling In

Phew! It’s been a busy start-up summer and we’re already evolving. After many conversations with entrepreneurs and community members, we have a basic operating plan in place.

Retail & Service Incubation
The front of Live & Learn’s facility is devoted to incubating aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can rent the space flexibly for a pop-up store front, studio, office or gallery–by the hour, day, week or month. This space can be separated physically and visually as needed from the rear of the facility.

Incubator and Demonstration Kitchen
Beginning in September, Live & Learn will be offering a state-licensed, small kitchen for food preparation, classes and demonstrations. It will be a mobile set-up that can move to the front of the facility to complement the retail space when appropriate.

Entrepreneurship Programs for Kids — the Junior Entrepreneurs Club
Live & Learn is offering weekly Fun Nights on Saturdays or Fridays and an After School Enrichment program, both organized around entrepreneurship. The Junior Entrepreneurs Club will be starting and running two business this school year — a homemade dog food and treats business and a kid-run cafe.

Strategic Consulting
The established small business and non-profit consulting services of Live & Learn’s President, Gina Malloy, will continue throughout the year.

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