We’re going non-profit! Live & Learn is continuing and expanding its community service programs and new initiatives on a purely non-profit basis. We are awaiting official certification as a 501c3 charitable organization. Check out our upcoming offerings!

JTN Connection
Coming Soon…

Live & Learn is creating a private page for Jamestown’s budding entrepreneurs, creators, journalists, writers & more. Projects and activities will be posted and kids of all ages can submit their creations through email or seesaw. We’ll post them and celebrate them in our newsletter open by password to JTNers, their families and friends.

JTN Story Board
Coming Soon…

To support virtual learning and collaboration, Live & Learn is creating a story line that kids of all ages will add to with suggestions for plot twists, characters, illustrations. We will update it daily and give credit to all of our budding authors and illustrators. Submissions will be made through email or seesaw.

Re-Use It, Re-Imagine It Challenge!
Coming Soon…

Every week, we will post a picture of an item that often ends up in the trash and challenge you to find a way to reuse it by turning it into something fabulous and/or useful. Send us a picture and description and we will publish it on our private Jamestown page.

Virtual Entrepreneurship…Real Profit
Coming Soon…

Live & Learn is offering entrepreneurship projects to do at home for kids to build their own micro-businesses. We will provide the kits, instruction and assistance and watch the magic happen. Kids will be encouraged to donate some of their profit or product to those in need.