Live & Learn Is a Community Enrichment Center Advancing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Community Service

We Are Open Now Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM for Relay Recycling Drop-Off

REGISTER NOW! Join our Virtual Fun Nights (for fun socializing at a distance) and Forget Me Not Zoom Challenges (to prevent summer slide through fun grade-specific games) There is no charge to attend, though contributions are accepted if you choose. Check out the calendar for more details.

Live & Learn Relay Recycling — Pass Us the Baton and We’ll Run the Anchor Leg
With a start date of June 6, Live & Learn will help you recycle the things that can’t go in the blue box, but can still be recycled through other vendors (like empty beauty supplies, toothpaste tubes, chip bags, worn-out shoes, headphones, electronics, batteries, light bulbs and the list goes on…). Our motto about recycling is Do What We Can Now and Adapt As We Learn More.¬†Press here to save the planet, or well, to get more info to help us clean up a teeny part of it. Drop-off hours will be Saturdays 10am – 2pm.

Junior Entrepreneurs 2.0
Live & Learn’s entrepreneurship program for kids in grades K-5 will return with the fall start of school with new projects. Details are here, but let’s just say that it includes websites, videos, newsletters, original board games, treasure hunts, wellness products and, of course, cookies.

We’re going non-profit! Live & Learn is continuing and expanding its community service programs and new initiatives on a purely non-profit basis. Over the next several months, we hope to be certified as a 501c3 charitable organization.