Junior Entrepreneurs Starts April 26 and will operate five days per week from 2:45 to 4:45 with pick-up at the school. Parents may also be interested in Homework Help & Technology Skills which runs from 4:45 to 5:30. Read on for more information and register here. The payment form is here.

Covid precautions include lots of outdoor time, masks, HEPA filters in every room, open doors and windows, multiple fans directed to exchange the air quickly and constantly, and regular handwashing breaks.

Junior Entrepreneurs will practice creative problem-solving, a necessary skill for all entrepreneurs, with scavenger hunts, mysteries and crafty puzzles and problems. These will keep us outside on the school fields and town playground romping, playing, searching, following clues and using logic as our super power.

We will also be expanding our Foster Farmer program with our local partners, planting and taking care of some container gardens around town from which we can harvest and donate flowers to seniors, shelters, individuals and school programs. We will continue to grow our micro greens at Live & Learn to include in healthy meals for seniors and shelters.

Our kitchen is re-opening and cookies are back on the table! We will offer cookie swaps for recycling items that can go in our Relay Recycling program that recycles many items that otherwise are thrown away.

For those who also register for Homework Help and Technology Skills, we will sit down and work on the day’s homework with tutoring available as needed. Once homework is done, we will learn how to build websites and create videos. The kids will be able to edit their own Live & Learn website and upload instructional videos for crafts and building projects. We will also practice some beginning animation. Their voices and hands may appear in the videos, but never their faces.

And of course, we will be making messy fun whenever possible, starting the spring off right with lots of paper mache volcanos that we will then erupt with baking soda and vinegar.

Summer Time is Coming! Check out our Upcycle Workshops & Green Thumb Adventures! Read on for more information and register here.

Live & Learn summers are all about solving mysteries, creating new things out of old things, baking healthy delicious treats, ice cream and frozen yogurt, and taking care of our container gardens around town to donate flowers to seniors and shelters.

We will be outside often as we continue to navigate the pandemic and our space will always have open windows and doors, HEPA filters in every room and fans set up to exchange the air frequently.

We are open from 9am to 2pm and you can come for an hour or the whole time, just that day or all week. It’s up to you. Every day, we will bake, create, go around town on scavenger hunts and take care of our Foster Farmer gardens.

We will be continuing our Relay Recycling and Upcycle Gang programs and we will be creating sustainable gift wrap and dog toys out of clothing, cloth and plastic remnants. And when we’re done, we’ll sample some of our homemade treats because we’re awesome.

Calling All Foster Farmers…
Growing Micro Greens to Donate to Homeless Shelters and Food Pantries
Our Live & Learn Field Days produced some nutritious and delicious micro greens in our homemade tiny greenhouses. Check them out below! We are going to continue growing this winter to help provide local, nutritious veggies to those who need them. Micro greens are just baby veggies that are packed with nutrition and easy to add to sandwiches, salads, soups and casseroles. Help us out! Become a Foster Farmer today. We’ll provide you the tiny greenhouse for your window sill or other sunny spot and you let us know when the micro greens are 3-5 inches tall, ready for their new home.

We are officially non-profit! Live & Learn has been recognized as a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.