Relay Recycling

Pass Us the Baton…We’ll Run the Anchor Leg! 

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If you’re a person who would like to recycle more than just what can go in the blue box, you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of things that can be recycled through other vendors–like chip bags, toys, worn-out shoes, toothpaste tubes, hygiene containers, batteries, light bulbs, plastic bags, electric devices and accessories, to name only a few.

But who has time to get it all separated and transported to the various places that will accept it? Plus, it can be costly to recycle some things on a small scale. It’s cheaper to do it in bulk, but am I really going to save my toothpaste tubes and lip balm containers for a year or more? Um, no.

Recycle It All In One Place — Our Place at 123 B Narragansett Ave:
–Snack Bags and Chip Bags

–Toothpaste tubes and hygiene containers
–Plastic Bags
–Electric Devices and Accessories
–Worn-Out Sneakers
–Broken Toys
–And More!

Complete List of Live & Learn’s Recyclable Items

Enter Live & Learn’s Relay Recycling. We will collect the outside-the-box items and get them to the vendors for recycling. Your toothpaste tube will have friends in the hygiene products box and will head off to a new life sooner than if you go it alone.

The cost to you? Well, there is one, because recycling costs money, even when we use the blue box. But it varies, depending on your needs:

Drop-In Donation — You can just show up with your items and make a donation toward the recycling. We’ll have suggestions posted based on how much and which items you bring.

Drop-Off Hours Saturdays, 10 AM to 12 PM or Schedule a Pick-Up

Why are we doing this? Well, our motto is Do What We Can Now and Adapt As We Learn More. Recycling is a complicated and vexed issue with cost and viability at the forefront of discussions. Certainly, it would be vastly better if there were one centralized system for recycling everything that can be recycled, but we aren’t there. Recycling has developed in a piecemeal fashion and is still trying to adapt from the loss of the Chinese market. Our society will always be throwing things away, though hopefully less and less. Live & Learn is all in on reducing the contents of our landfills and the overflow that ends up in our rivers and oceans. Will recycling change significantly in the next decade? Almost certainly. But rather than do nothing and wait, we’ll do what we can now and adapt as we learn more.