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Wellness Cafe Entrepreneurship Summer Camp
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Live & Learn will be operating a Wellness Cafe, serving lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays the last two weeks of August. The food will be whole grains, organic, and farm to table. Lunch will be served from 11 AM to 2 PM. The junior entrepreneur campers will help prepare the food, the menus, transform the dining area, offer samples, take orders and serve the food. They will also create other wellness products to offer patrons, including fruit juice slushies, body scrubs and washes, lip balm and more. As always, there will be games and crafts for breaks and down time. Junior entrepreneurs will go home with a cookbook of the day’s menu and samples of the food for family members to share. Each day operates as a stand-alone business, so profit will be calculated daily and campers will receive profit-sharing in the form of credit to shop in Live & Learn’s toy aisle. There will be a maximum of 5 children per day. Open to children age 5 to 11. Register here.

Junior Entrepreneurs
Live & Learn has created the Junior Entrepreneurs Club as a fun way for kids to learn and engage the principles of starting, managing and growing a business. The J.E.C. has started up two businesses this year: a weekly meal order for families and a daily bakery. Both are kid-run, through Live & Learn, at all levels, with three goals:

Entrepreneurship, Fun & Community Service

The Junior Entrepreneurs donate baked goods and meals to seniors, the disabled and public service organizations, including the police and fire departments. The remaining profit funds “profit parties” in which the kids treat themselves to a fun activity or group purchase after all of their hard work.

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The kids learn basic business strategy, divided into the following categories:

Branding & Marketing
(logos, names, target audiences, advertising)
Managing Operations
(budgets, schedules, re-stocking, supplies)
Starting Up
(costs, stock generation, logistics, timing)
Strategic Growth
(adding new products, managing customer base,
balancing resources and goals)

The Junior Entrepreneurs Club is learning real-world business concepts while having squishy, messy fun together and engaging the community as independent thinkers and future entrepreneurs. The target age is 8 to 12, but the program is flexible depending on the individuals interested–we can go as young as five years old. The cost to parents will be the cost of participating in the programs in which the J.E.C. will be operating — Fun Nights and After School Enrichment. Otherwise, the program will support itself. Kids do not need to commit to participating in every event or program—they can drop in as schedules permit.

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Fun Nights

fun night 7-15-17

Various Fridays or Saturdays, Live & Learn hosts a fun night from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for drop-off play and enrichment. The Junior Entrepreneurs Club will be active during fun nights. Games, crafts, dinner and a movie are also included. The cost is $15 per child. Please call 401-566-3367 or email to reserve a spot. Space is limited to 15 children ages 5 to 12.  Check the calendar for future fun nights.

After School Entrepreneurship

Beginning with the start of school, Live & Learn offers an after school entrepreneurship program for grades K-5. Children in the program are picked up from school and in good weather, walk to the town play ground for some down time. After a snack, it’s time for homework. Tutoring will be provided during homework time. During inclement weather, children are driven directly to Live & Learn from school.

After homework, the kids head down to Live & Learn to work on projects as part of the Junior Entrepreneurs Club. The J.E.C. is running and growing a family meal order business and a daily bakery. Both businesses were started and run by the J.E.C. with guidance from Live & Learn staff.

The hours for the program are 2:45 to 6:00 pm. The cost is $15 per day for children that attend every day, $16 each for 4 days per week, $17 each for 3 days per week, $18 each for 2 days per week and $20 for one day per week. It is possible to attend only the entrepreneurial project time from 4:30 to 6:00 when space allows. The cost of dropping off at Live & Learn at 4:30 for J.E.C. projects is $10 per day.

Enrollment is flexible and commitment is not required beyond any given week. For more information, call 401-566-3367 or email  Register Now!


Toys, Books, Games

Live & Learn offers a dynamic store front that includes toys and games, perfect for spending allowance or getting a birthday gift or just a special treat.