Junior Entrepreneurs

Live & Learn has created the Junior Entrepreneurs Club as a fun way for kids to learn and engage the principles of starting, managing and growing a business. The J.E.C. has run a bakery and healthy meals micro-business for the past five years. The business is kid-run, through Live & Learn, at all levels, with three goals: Entrepreneurship, Fun & Community Service


Registration Form This program is full, but we always try to accommodate students and families. Feel free to submit a form and contact us to discuss options.

Junior Entrepreneurs practice creative problem-solving, a necessary skill for all entrepreneurs, with scavenger hunts, mysteries and crafty puzzles and problems. We always have crafts, maker space and building projects out as well.

Our commercial kitchen is a kid friendly space. We make cookies and other baked goods to donate to area shelters, seniors and service programs. We also sell them to raise money to buy more ingredients for our donated items.

One of our main avenues to independence for our Junior Entrepreneurs is store credit. When the students help with a service project or complete a chore or a thinking challenge, they earn a small amount of store credit which we track. They can spend their credits in our store and when we make our semi-monthly trips to Cumbie’s.

And of course, we will be making messy fun whenever possible.

A Typical Day:
The kids are picked up at the school and we all walk to the town playground for a little down time and wiggle time before heading over to our space at 123 Narragansett Avenue where the projects are done. Small groups might make a trip with a staff member to the library or around town to sell or donate baked goods. We have two sessions, one from 2:45 to 4:45 and one from 4:45 to 5:30. Students can register for either or both sessions.

Covid Precautions
The pandemic is still with us and we will continue to take precautions, as follows:
–masks are now optional, in line with school policy
–we will be outside often
–the space has HEPA filters in each room
–in the space, windows will always be open, with fans strategically placed all over to draw air in one side and out the other side for frequent total exchanges of air
–hand washing will occur frequently and before eating

Harvesting Micro Greens
Learning How to Calculate Profit