Junior Entrepreneurs

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Live & Learn has created the Junior Entrepreneurs Club as a fun way for kids to learn and engage the principles of starting, managing and growing a business. The J.E.C. has run a bakery and healthy meals micro-business for the past three years. The business is kid-run, through Live & Learn, at all levels, with three goals: Entrepreneurship, Fun & Community Service

Starting this fall, get ready for Junior Entrepreneurs 2.0!

Now that we are old pros at starting a micro-business and delivering a darn delicious product, we are upping our game. This fall, our Junior Entrepreneurs will be adding to their amazing skills with:

  • Product Development – We’re going to add some pretty fancy feathers to our cap, including a Jamestown Board Game TBA, amazing beauty and wellness products, the Live & Learn Newsletter and the Junior Entrepreneurs Website.
  • Digital Skills – The Junior Entrepreneurs are going to learn how to create, edit and post videos (pre-approved of course), create and update their own web page, and assist in the creation and management of an online order system for their products. Go team!
  • Community Service – One day each week, the activities will be devoted to making the world a better place. We’ll focus not just on how to be entrepreneurs, but how to be responsible entrepreneurs and citizens of the planet.

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Our Junior Entrepreneurs are learning real-world business concepts while having squishy, messy fun together. The course is open to children in grades K-5 with flexible enrollment options. When kids are not engaged in a project, they can take advantage of the maker space, the lego station, or take a rotation at our game station. A typical program day’s schedule looks like this:

2:45 pm   Kids are picked up from school and walk to the playground or one of the fields for some down time. School is tiring and the wiggles have to escape.

3:30 pm   One group heads to Live & Learn to begin projects. Another group heads to the library to work on homework and guided projects.

4:00 pm   The library group shakes off the homework fog with a few extra minutes on the playground and then heads to Live & Learn.

5:00 pm   Everybody cleans up and we admire our day’s creations because we’re awesome.