Junior Entrepreneurs

Live & Learn has created the Junior Entrepreneurs Club as a fun way for kids to learn and engage the principles of starting, managing and growing a business. The J.E.C. has run a bakery and healthy meals micro-business for the past three years. With the pandemic, we are adapting our products and projects. The business is kid-run, through Live & Learn, at all levels, with three goals: Entrepreneurship, Fun & Community Service

Junior Entrepreneurship Field Days

Our field days were fun this fall, even with our unusual format! We’re in hibernation mode right now, waiting out the virus this winter. Our plan is to return in April with a completely revamped program that offers a lot of opportunity to be outside. Stay tuned!

Live & Learn offers an entrepreneurship program for grades K-4, open to distance learners and homeschoolers as well. This fall and winter, our format will be different in light of the pandemic. We are offering two afternoons per week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:45 to 5:00 (5:30 if you need it), all outdoors at the Lawn fields. We will have use of the wide open space and one or more of the tents there. We will also have our own portable restroom that will be locked when we are not using it.

Payment will be different this year as well. To allow for flexibility on all sides, you will purchase a number of sessions and then reserve specific days separately. You can reserve as many days as you have paid. If we or you have to cancel a session, you can just sign up for a different one and not have to pay again until you use up your paid sessions. 

We are old pros now at starting and delivering on our kid-run micro businesses. This year requires a different approach to our efforts and to that end, we are creating an online store and an Etsy store through which the Junior Entrepreneurs can sell their products.

The format will be a field day set-up with activities in specific areas so that kids do not congregate in large groups. We are taking 15 students, broken out into at least two groups. Some of those activities will include:

Sports and Games, including soccer, beach ball volley ball, paddle ball, ring toss, and obstacle courses. Surfaces will be cleaned between uses.

Arts and Crafts, including maker space, painting, and guided crafts.

Entrepreneurship Projects, including designing a Jamestown board game, planting and growing micro-greens and herbs, creating Jamestown tiles and hot pads, candles, and more as we think of it. You can choose to purchase an additional project kit that your child can work on throughout the week as well.

Community Service, spreading positive messages wherever we can with painted stones and care packages. The kids can’t help us cook this year, but they can help us with the messages that go out with our donated baked goods.