Junior Entrepreneurs

Live & Learn has created the Junior Entrepreneurs Club as a fun way for kids to learn and engage the principles of starting, managing and growing a business. The J.E.C. has run a bakery and healthy meals micro-business for the past four years. With the pandemic, we are adapting our products and projects. The business is kid-run, through Live & Learn, at all levels, with three goals: Entrepreneurship, Fun & Community Service

Summer is here! Be sure to sign up for Summer Entrepreneurship.

Fall Entrepreneurship programs are open for registration!

Junior Entrepreneurs will practice creative problem-solving, a necessary skill for all entrepreneurs, with scavenger hunts, mysteries and crafty puzzles and problems. These will keep us outside on the school fields and town playground romping, playing, searching, following clues and using logic as our super power.

We will also be expanding our Foster Farmer program with our local partners, planting and taking care of some container gardens around town from which we can harvest and donate flowers to seniors, shelters, individuals and school programs. We will continue to grow our micro greens at Live & Learn to include in healthy meals for seniors and shelters.

Our kitchen is re-opened and cookies are back on the table! We will offer cookie swaps for recycling items that can go in our Relay Recycling program that recycles many items that otherwise are thrown away.

And of course, we will be making messy fun whenever possible.

Covid Precautions
The pandemic is still with us and we will continue to take precautions, as follows:
–masks will be worn with breaks available at social distance
–we will be outside often
–the space has HEPA filters in each room
–in the space, windows and doors will always be open, with fans strategically placed all over to draw in one side and out the other side for frequent total exchanges of air
–hand washing will occur at least every half hour and before eating, starting and finishing a craft or project

Creative Problem-Solving…Pandemic Style!
Learning How to Calculate Profit