Opening in June!

The space at 34 Narragansett Avenue is coming together. We are planning an opening for June 24. We will be starting off with mystery scenes for folks to solve–freeze frame mysteries that invite your deductions. You can participate as an individual, group or family. We’ll also have Chew’s Clues for younger children.

Our first community project will be designing a JTNopoly game. We hope you will help us design the board and create the playing cards for Community Chest!

Live & Learn Kitchen will be offering up the talents of amateur and professional chefs from around Rhode Island. The menu will vary from week to week, but will always include delicious baked goods and tasty lunch or dinner items. If you love to cook and want to showcase your creations with Live & Learn, contact us to discuss the process.

We will also be offering the creative work of artisans, craftspeople and inventors around the region. If you would like to participate, let us know. Even if you’d just like to take your favorite hobby to the next level, Live & Learn is a good avenue for doing just that.

Our kids section will be set up for interactive play, so bring your little ones down, turn them loose and sit down for a cup of coffee and a muffin!

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