Loving the Youth Entrepreneurs

A general business incubator is a pretty flexible being, hopefully acting as a mirror of what the community needs and what the community wants. Live & Learn’s youth programs have taken off. Kids are digging entrepreneurship and tromping all over town selling their wares. The space is still available for folks to rent, especially the kitchen and front retail space, and our standard and incubated retail is thriving. But in the spirit of becoming what the community wants–we’re running with the kids programs!

It is a lot of fun teaching kids business concepts and acting as their “business manager” as they plan activities and projects. They love the thrill of power at the idea that I work for them–and sometimes threaten to fire me, just for kicks. We often have the discussion that your profit margin takes a hit when you eat half of your inventory. These conversations add a new twist to business consulting. 🙂

Stay tuned for their product lines to expand–adding dog toys, candles, soaps, lotions and bath salts!

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