Introducing Live & Learn’s Weekly Blog Post


Live & Learn will be kicking off in Jamestown Memorial Day weekend if construction goes according to plan, so…well, we’ll keep you posted šŸ™‚ Beginning right now, though, we can start the L&L weekly blog post, which will raise issues and scenarios related to starting, running and governing businesses and non-profits. Because it’s uppermost on our minds right now, let’s discuss licensing…

When you start a business or organization, you have to apply for a number of licenses with the state and local government. More than just a business license, there’s a shopping list of forms and fees required to start your business. You need identification numbers, taxation forms, usage permissions, organizing documents, and if you’re going to serve food or take care of people, well, the list just doubled.

These requirements have a purpose for the government to do its job and collect the taxes owed to make the world go ’round. But to you, it’s a giant, confusing headache that never goes away, but hopefully recedes into the background for a few blessed months at a time. The logistical hurdles just to make your business legal–never mind the fees associated with each form–are some of the main reasons to try incubating your business or organization idea before committing to the reporting, tax and monetary requirements of going out on your own.

If you aren’t confident of your success or are worried about your financial position or just don’t want to deal with the hassle until you have more community feedback, then finding a place to try out your idea makes sense. If you’re thinking of starting a business in South County, give us a call, and we’ll see if we can help you test out your business dream in a low-cost, safe environment…once our construction is complete, that is. So, we’ll see you at the end of May or thereabouts.

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