For Entrepreneurs

Incubator Options for Entrepreneurs  –  Pick and Choose What Works for You

Hassle-Free Retail Space
If you are looking for a retail space to try without the commitment of a lease and utilities, this may be a good fit for you. We rent space by the day, week, month—the timing is completely flexible in order to give your business an easy retail upgrade or trial run. The space and furniture of Live & Learn are versatile and easily transformed into a pop-up store front, office or activity space for you. Use our stuff or bring in your own. The front portion of the space faces onto downtown Jamestown’s Narragansett Avenue with large front windows. The rear portion of the space has a separate entrance and is easily separated both physically and visually. Live & Learn’s retail offerings can easily be removed from the front space.

Co-ops and Collaboratives

Live & Learn encourages small businesses to form cooperative store fronts to share costs and complement sales. The retail front of the facility could easily be shared by more than one small business, either at the same moment or in alternation. We can imagine an artists collaborative or a co-op of food artisans—there are many possibilities!

Incubator and Demonstration Kitchen

Live & Learn has a small, state-licensed kitchen available for rental, beginning in September, for food preparation, demonstrations for public participation and promotional events. For cooking purposes, the kitchen is designed as a small-production facility. There are a counter-top convection oven and two induction burners as well as standard equipment for mixing, cutting, assembling and otherwise preparing food. You might find this kitchen a cheaper and more convenient alternative to the larger incubator kitchens that Rhode Island has to offer. The kitchen works well with retail space because it is mobile and can be set up in the front to combine with the retail experience.

You Have the Option to Use Live & Learn’s Sales, Accounting, Personnel & Insurance Coverage

Marketing & Start-Up Guidance
Whether you are renting space, incubating a product or just looking for advice, Live & Learn offers individualized guidance on how to target and reach your audience, the requirements for starting a business, and what a good start-up path would look like for you. In your first free consultation, we figure out whether you want to proceed slowly or quickly, all-in or just on the side, with a big splash or a gentle ripple—all of which informs the right start-up path for you.

Growth & Expansion Guidance
You may already own a small business and are looking for advice on next steps. You might be tired of working out of your home or the farmers markets are too much work to be profitable or you are trying to figure out how to get into your own facility or maybe you want to explore opening a new store or outlet or expanding your product line. Growth can be a tricky beast to manage. We can help you analyze your situation and make a strategic plan. Every business should have five and ten year plans that guide their day-to-day operations.

Your First Consultation is Free While We Figure Out Which Process Meets Your Needs
After your first hour consultation, you can select from a pre-priced package of actions or pay by the hour. In other words, you can purchase a tailored package or say, this is what I can spend, give me that much help.

Pricing Options — In the Spirit of Business, All Are Negotiable.

Retail Space Rental—300 Square Feet of Street-Facing, Bright & Open Retail Space:
Monthly $500
Weekly $150
Daily $50
Hourly $25

The prices above are for the whole front retail space. When shared by more than one business, they go way down! Remember that you can create usage time that works for you.

Kitchen Incubator Rental $15 per hour
Optional Cleaning Service for Space and Dishes $15

Administrative, Accounting & Sales Services :
(We help staff your space, use our sales and accounting software)
Monthly $100 plus 10% of sales
Weekly $50 plus 10% of sales
Daily 20% of sales
Hourly 20% of sales

Consulting Services:
Full Start-Up Business Plan and Licensing Package, Average 7 to 10 hours
Growth Analysis and 5-Year Plan Production, Average 5 to 10 hours
Full Business Assessment & Strategic Advice, Average 3 to 5 hours
By the Hour, for Tailored Advice & Assistance $50  (for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits; all others $100 per hour)