Live & Learn Kitchen

Send a Cookie Gram! This winter, we are spreading good cheer with cookie grams, delicious and beautiful cookie messages that arrive in the mail (or by delivery in JTN) to your friends and loved ones. We will do holiday messages, jokes, birthday wishes and any custom message you’d like.

To help warm up this wonky winter, we are matching all orders with contributions of food, cookies and hygiene products to homeless shelters, food pantries, essential workers and seniors. You can choose when you order where you’d like our care package to go.

Sustainable and Healthy
We use high quality, organic whole wheat pastry flour in all of our baked goods. Our meals, sides, sauces and dips are all prepared with fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. There is no single use plastic at Live & Learn. We sanitize and reuse deli containers and glass jars.